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A Native American, who ascribes to the Blackfoot heritage and ways. After serving in the United States Army and three tours in Vietnam, he returned to this country to the shouts and calls from the “now generation“, as they branded the veterans as “baby killers“ and criminals. Jane Fonda began most of this and it was this salty experience that motivated him to obtain an education at universities in Wisconsin, for Criminal Justice, Political Science and Law.

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This show is a mixture of hard-nosed investigation, demanding the truth and settling for nothing less, with a lighthearted touch of reality show. Sort of like an Anderson Cooper meets Bill Maher. “Old School” meets modern technology. The focus is on Police violence, police shootings, police accountability and the resurrection of accountability in the Justice System.

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Daniel Storm Series in Production

“Mantis” is in production as a ten-part mini-series! The production company is part of one of America’s most prominent actors and a screenwriter that has written episodes for some of the best series shows on television. On behalf of Mr. Storm and all of us here at Second Chance Publications, we want to thank each and every reader and reviewer for “Mantis” thus far. Stay tuned here for a sneak peek into production and photos.

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